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The Storms



The alert sounded again before the screen flashed to a News Broadcast. The theme music came pouring from the speakers as the image on the screen switched to the Channel 7 logo. A moment later there was a man and woman sitting behind a desk with worried expressions on their faces. 

“Good morning,” the brown-haired man said in a nervous voice. “The President of the United States has just come off the air from revealing startling news to the entire nation.”

“Startling news indeed, John,” the red-haired woman stated. “The program meant to keep the earth survivable has apparently malfunctioned and is now destined to destroy our world.”

“Nancy,” John interrupted the woman as he put a finger up to his ear. “We’re getting word that the National Weather Service has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for the entire western side of Ohio. They have stated that there is a possibility of strong lightning from these storms as well as tornadoes. The satellite with the potential of causing the storm is currently located over Indianapolis and is headed eastwards along the I-70 corridor. All residents and civilians within fifty miles of either side of I-70 are advised to evacuate as soon as possible. If you are unable to evacuate from the path of the storm, we suggest that you take shelter within the inner most room of the structure that you are in. Get to the lowest level as you possibly can.”

Nancy put her hand up to her right ear.

“John, I’m being told that Indianapolis is experiencing heavy rain at the moment,” the woman stated with a worried expression in her eyes. “I am also being told that there have been wind gusts over one-hundred miles per hour, John.”

“Can we get one of our traffic cams from the area on screen?” John asked someone off screen.

A moment later, Marcia gasped in disbelief as the image of a major storm appeared on the screen. The wind shook the camera and the rain made it hard to see the cloud filled skies. Bolts of lightning filled the air and struck the ground multiple times. Suddenly, the screen went to static before it went back to the two reporters.

“Wow,” John stated in disbelief. “I hope the people of Indianapolis are safe.”

Marcia and Benji both jumped when the phone on the wall began to ring. Marcia walked over and picked up the receiver.

“Hello?” She answered nervously.

“Marcia Renee Carson? Wife of Senator Thomas Andrew Carson and mother of Benjamin Andrew Carson?” A deep voice asked on the other side of the phone.

“Yes,” Marcia replied. “Did something happen to Thomas?”

“No, ma’am,” the voice stated. “An extraction team is being sent to pick up you and your son. You have five minutes to be waiting on your front porch. Do you understand these instructions, ma’am?”

“Yes, sir.”

Marcia feared that this day was coming during her lifetime. 

“Be safe, Mrs. Carson,” the voice stated before the line went dead.

Marcia glanced down at Benjamin who looked at her with concern on his face.


“Get your shoes on, Benji,” she told her son. “Grab one of your books from your room and be back down here in two minutes. We have to Bug Out.”

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