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Coming Soon!!!

Big plans for the future! I’m in the process of getting “Be the One” back up and running, again., and I’m also getting back into “Myka’s Quest” now that Volume One of “The Legends of Blood” is finished! You can also check out “The Legends of Blood” on and the The older version… Continue reading Coming Soon!!!


Holy crap, I turned 40, today!

Funny Meme Time. . .

The guy that has been helping me, totally knows what it means. . . Just being funny, J! Don’t abandon me, yet!

Up & Running!

The site is completely up and running, now! Don’t be afraid to tell me if you see something that needs touched up! There are sections for comments beneath the main page for each story if you would like to show me some love! Also, I may be bringing in another author to add one of… Continue reading Up & Running!


Welcome to my Website! I plan on keeping this site update as much as possible with all of my stories! Stay tuned for your favorites as I get them updated!