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Chapter 24

The Seer


The moonlight almost shimmered on the wet grass as I stared out across the field down the road from the safe house. It had been two days since I had returned from Section-9 and already the number of vampires at ‘Lulu’s Hideaway’ had doubled. Jon had still not returned from his assignment to recruit his father, the Alpha of all werewolves, but Arella still held out some slim chance of hope.

“We’re going to start attracting attention if we’re not careful,” I turned to see an older looking man with gray hair wearing blue robes standing behind me. He motioned towards the ground beside me. “May I sit, Evan?”

I stared at him cautiously before I nodded. He moved with the grace of someone who had lived beyond the sunlight for centuries. Somebody who had the opportunity to explore everything that their vampiric body had to offer.

“At least it’s a beautiful night,” the old man said as he gazed up at the stars. “I really dislike it when it’s raining. It takes away the view of the stars.”

“I feel the same way when it’s raining during the day,” I told him quietly without taking my eyes off of the view.

“What’s it like?” The old man asked. “Walking in the sunlight with all of the humans? I don’t think I would be able to control myself.”

“It’s difficult,” I said with a grin as I remembered mine and Dougie’s desperate flight to make it back to the Hideaway in time. There were multiple times during the short journey that we came close to exposing ourselves, but my newborn and I had managed to make it through without any incidents.

The old man chuckled gleefully at my comment before he patted me on the shoulder. I cringed slightly at the unwelcome contact, but I maintained my calm demeanor. It wouldn’t do me any good to attack someone that was possibly a potential friend. I needed all of the friends that I could get.

“Arella was right about you, Evan,” the old man said mysteriously.

“You seem to know a lot about me, sir,” I stated quietly but he had clearly gotten the point as he smiled at me.

“Indeed, I do,” the old man stated. “I’ve known of your coming since the day I was reborn into the world of darkness, Evan. I am Felix. I am the voice of the Prophecy.”

I glanced at the man in surprise, but he continued to smile that unnerving smile of his. His red eyes looked pale in the moonlight as he gazed at me.

“You’re the Seer?” I asked.

“Yes,” Felix replied with a brief nod. “I’m the Seer.”

A million questions flooded my mind, but I could only focus on one that I absolutely needed an answer to.

“Am I going to be able to save my little brother?”

“Only if you come with me and practice your abilities,” Felix stated in a matter-of-fact tone of voice. “That is the only possible way, Evan.”

“What makes you so certain?” I demanded.

Felix smiled and chuckled lightly.

“I know almost everything about the future, Evan,” he told me with a grin. “I could even tell you just how large the Bentley Coven is going to be in the end, if you really wanted to know the answer.” Felix sighed and turned his gaze back towards the stars. “The fact that your father is in charge of Section-9 doesn’t do anything to repair the broken truce, Evan. Only you can.”

“How?” I asked dumbfounded.

“You have to go talk to your father, Evan,” Felix explained calmly. “It will be the only way for the others to see you as the true leader that you’re meant to be.”

“I didn’t ask for any of this,” I stated bitterly.

“It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to prove yourself,” Felix countered. “You were chosen by Fate, not another vampire. Arella had no idea that you were going to be the individual that lived through the injection of the serum. Only I did, and it required a choice on your part for that to even happen.”

“What choice did I make that turned me into this?” I asked with a scowl. Felix chuckled again.

“You made the choice to drive yourself home that night, Evan,” Felix said before he stood and looked down at me. “David Hunter offered you a chance to remain human, but you refused.”

I felt my stomach drop. Mr. Hunter had known that I was going to have a car accident, and he also knew that he had to offer me the choice to drive home or catch a ride with him.

“He could have told me!”

“That would have broken more rules than you can imagine, Evan,” Felix stated. “You’re involved in a very elaborate game now, young blood. There are rules in place that keep either side from gaining a clear advantage before it is time for the final choice to be made.”

“How will I know if I’ve made the right choice, Felix?” I asked quietly.

“Because the entire world will rejoice in your name when you do.”

Felix reached down and squeezed my shoulder before he left me alone in the moonlight with my thoughts. Every creature that I had encountered since my awakening had told me about choices that I would have to make, and it seemed as though my entire existence as a vampire would revolve around me making these life-or-death decisions. Even Felix promised that I could save my brother if I made the right choice.

I growled in contempt at everything that I was going through, and I, the monster inside of me, wanted to be freed so he could destroy a few things. I continued to growl as I rose to my feet and took in the view of the trees to my left. Then, my anger began to flare, and I let it. I let it take control of my being as it carried me to the brink of a monstrous temper tantrum. Then, my muscles tensed for a brief moment before I darted to the left and destroyed three trees before I stopped. I panted heavily, but only because of the anger and rage that was coursing through my body. The trees were only the beginning as the monster let loose.

“Do you feel better?” Arella asked me the next evening when I returned to the motel shortly after sunset.

“I think so,” I replied with a brief shrug. “Is Felix still here?”

“Yes, dear,” Arella said with a brief smile. “He’s waiting for you in room 103.”

“Thank you,” I said calmly.

“You may want to shower first, Evan,” Arella suggested with a wry smile. “Your current odor isn’t very appealing.”

I laughed and shook my head before I made my way down to the suite Lulu had set aside for my coven. Only Tatum was inside when I stepped inside and shut the door behind me.

“Where is everybody, Tatum?” I asked my cousin as I pulled the torn t-shirt over my head and dropped it in the trash can.

“They went hunting,” Tatum replied with a shrug.

“Didn’t you want to go, as well?”

“No,” he said. His eyes never left me as I pulled my shoes off and set them next to the door. “I decided that I’d rather spend time with you.”

Tatum’s gaze turned to one of lust as I pulled off my belt and draped it over one of the chairs.

“Oh?” I asked curiously. I could tell exactly what he wanted, but something told me to tease him for a while. “And just why would you want to spend time with me? All I’m going to do is take a shower.”

I popped the button open on my pants and slid my zipper down slowly before I went into the bathroom.

“You’re always welcome to join me, if you want,” I suggested as I turned on the shower water.

I giggled as Tatum appeared at the door before I had even finished the statement. I stood up and as I did my pants slid down my legs and Tatum gasped before he quickly pulled off his own clothes. I stared at his smooth skin before Tatum glanced away sheepishly. I reached out and pulled the vampire into my arms and lovingly kissed him.

“What do you know about your abilities, Evan?” Felix asked me as he sat across from me. He wore the same blue robes that he had worn the previous evening.

“Only that it has to do with my mind somehow,” I told him before I explained how I had pushed my mind out while I was being held captive, and I had scanned the minds of the prisoners.

“Impressive,” Felix told me. “Do you know if they felt your presence at all?”

“I’m not sure,” I replied. “I never got the chance to ask Marcel after our encounter at Section-9.”

Felix grinned.

“Did he tell you everything?”

“I think so,” I stated nervously. “Sonya’s plan is worse than I imagined.”

“She’s a cold-hearted woman,” Felix told me with a gentle nod. “Sonya came from a family that was very well-off. Her father owned multiple hotels throughout Europe and the industry made them multi-millionaires within two years of opening their fourth hotel. Sonya of course was spoiled rotten by her parents, to the point that nobody wanted to deal with her antics any longer. One of her spurned gentlemen suitors decided to take out a hit on the woman, but Arella had decided to spare Sonya’s life instead.”

“I thought Orthis created Sonya?” I stated in confusion.

“No,” Felix said with a smile. “Orthis only created one vampire during his short freedom.”


Felix grinned and pointed at his chest. I couldn’t stop my jaw from falling open in surprise.

“Holy shit,” I muttered in disbelief.

“I know,” he stated. “It was hard for me to accept as well, Evan. To know that your Sire was a blood-thirsty monster that wanted to drain the world dry!” Felix’s eyes settled upon my face. “It wasn’t something that I could live with. I still can’t.”

“What do you mean?”

“I was an accident, Evan,” Felix explained. “Orthis slaughtered my village but didn’t stop my heart completely before he stopped feeding on me.”

I just couldn’t stop staring at the older man.

“How did you survive?”

“Lusindra found me when she heard my heart beating erratically. She was going to kill me, but Arella told her that there was something about me,” Felix sighed as he thought about the memory. “As soon as I finished going through the change, I saw an intense vision of the future. Arella had Lusindra and Emily write everything down that I said during my waking hours for the next week. That’s where the Prophecy came from, Evan.”

“All of it?” I asked in disbelief.

He nodded.

“Why me?”

“I don’t know, Evan,” he said calmly. “Life is nothing but choices, even from our earliest days. This type of training has been engraved into our very being since the dawn of time. We’re always making choices! When I saw the future, it was presented to me in a series of choices, Evan. Every choice and every possibility are shown to me at one instant, but there is always one route that keeps the world continuing forward.”

I sighed and shook my head.

“This is too much for me to process,” I told him as I leaned back in my chair.

“It wouldn’t take nearly as long if you just did it the way you needed to do it, Evan,” Felix suggested smugly.

“I don’t know how to take your memories, Felix,” I said in defeat. “All I can do is scan your mind.”

“No, Evan,” the Seer said dismissively. “You are capable of much more than just scanning somebody’s mind.”

“Like what?”

Felix smiled and tapped his temple with his index finger. I groaned and rolled my eyes.

“Just concentrate, Evan,” Felix instructed. “Scan me like you learned how to do in the prison, then I want you to take every single one of my memories.”

“All of them?” I gasped.

“Yes, Evan. All of them.”

“Why, though? Won’t that leave you unable to fend for yourself? You’ll die!”

Felix held up his hand to silence me.

“I know my future, Evan, and I’ve come to accept it,” the Seer stated calmly. “In case you have already forgotten, I am the only child of Orthis. My life is forfeit if my Sire is ever released from his prison.”

“Orthis would kill you?”

“Indeed, Evan,” he said with a sigh.

“Why would he kill his only offspring?”

“I helped lock him away in his prison, Evan,” Felix explained. “It was I who told Arella exactly how to keep her son imprisoned until the one came who would be able to defeat him once and for all.”


“You, Evan.”

“Are you certain?”

“We’re here now, aren’t we?” Felix countered and I frowned.

“Okay,” I stated as I finally made up my mind. “I’ll do whatever it takes to help the Alliance succeed in stopping Orthis.”

“Anything?” Felix asked hesitantly.


“Good,” Felix said with a grin. His red eyes seemed to sparkle with excitement. “The sun will rise in two hours, Evan. Let’s get to work.”

I nodded and closed my eyes as I took a deep breath. Almost instantly, I could feel the little knot in the back of my mind, and it seemed to expand slightly as I pushed against it. Then I focused all of my attention on the knot when suddenly Felix reached out and slapped me.

“What the fuck?!” I growled in anger. “Why did you slap me?”

Felix chuckled.

“Do you think your opponent is going to wait for you to figure out how to use your abilities, Evan?” The Seer asked me smugly. “No, they won’t. If you want to defeat Sonya, or any of the other Elders, you’re going to have to go in with your fists swinging. Sonya will kill you if she is given even the slightest moment of hesitation. Sonya will kill Ethan. Do you understand?”

I nodded numbly as I considered what he said. I hadn’t even thought about what would happen to Ethan if I died. What would happen to my coven? They were my children now! I had to do everything within my power to protect them. I had to protect everyone I loved.

“Good,” Felix stated with a brief smile. “Let’s continue.”

Lusindra and Dougie joined us the next evening as Felix continued with my training. Lusindra kept her hands against my temples as I closed my eyes and concentrated on pushing my mind into Felix’s. I felt him reaching out to slap me, and the knot of energy surged forward, and I froze his hand an inch from my face. He grinned as I relaxed my hold on him and the old man patted my cheek gently.

“Well done, Evan,” the Seer told me. “Now, comes the fun part.”

“How so?” I asked him curiously.

“We’re going to go outside, and you’re going to spar with the three of us.”

Dougie giggled shyly and I smiled at him.

“No shocking the bejeezus out of me, Dougie!” I told him with a smirk.

“We’ll see,” he replied smugly.

I chuckled nervously. I knew what Dougie was capable of, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be put through that.

Felix led us outside where Lusindra, Dougie, and the Seer all stood across from me. Only Dougie appeared to be nervous as he stood there. Lusindra even cracked her knuckles.

“Now,” Felix said with a broad grin, “Make sure that none of your blows are fatal or life altering, Evan. I don’t think Lusindra or Dougie wants to be walking with a permanent limp.” Lusindra giggled pleasantly. “Your goal is to stop all of us from attacking you by using your mental ability. Your goal against me is to take all of my memories. Only then, will you have completed your training, Evan.”

I nodded in acknowledgement.

“Let’s get started then,” Felix stated.

Lusindra gave up on training with us about an hour before sunrise, and Dougie returned to our suite to get a shower. Felix and I returned to the Seer’s room where we sat on the floor across from each other. His robes were dirty, and there was a bruise on his cheek where I had connected with him while trying to fend the older man off. I had managed to subdue the trio multiple times using only my ability, but I wasn’t able to examine Felix’s mind enough to snag a hold of his memories.

“We have about thirty more minutes before sunrise, Evan,” the vampire told me. His red eyes appeared tired, and I could tell that the deep sleep would be upon him soon. “Let’s try again.”

“If you want, Felix,” I stated hesitantly. I didn’t give him a chance to slap me this time, and I quickly froze the man in place. He gasped slightly when I forced my way into his mind so I could scan his thoughts and actions. I lifted up my right hand and he did the same. I turned my head left or right, and Felix continued to repeat the actions I made.

‘You’re getting it, Evan,’ I flinched when I heard Felix’s voice and realized that it had been the Seer’s thoughts I had heard. ‘Now, just dig a little deeper. You’ve almost got the right spot.’

I did as he was told and was soon rewarded with a flood of images and thoughts as they filled my mind. I tried to grasp a hold of each one individually, but it was a torrent of chaos without an end in sight.

‘Now, all you have to do is take it all away from me, Evan,’ Felix instructed. ‘Just scoop out everything and take it into your own mind. You’re a vampire, so this isn’t going to harm you in the slightest. The amount of information will be overwhelming, but you’ll figure it all out soon enough.’

I felt around the edges of Felix’s memories with the energy and imagined that I was taking a firm grip of everything that made up his conscious. I detached it all from his brain and pulled it into myself. I heard Felix groan as everything that had been in his mind flooded into mine. The room spun around me and I fell forward in a daze. My brain wouldn’t stop as image after image flashed before my eyes. I saw feet walk across my field of vision, and I tried to reach out to stop Felix from what he was about to do, but my body wouldn’t respond.

I saw the light gray robes swish around his ankles as he staggered towards the motel room door. I wanted to shout at him. Scream. Something! I could feel my finger twitch as he moved closer to the door.

‘Push, Evan! You can do this!’

I saw the vision. I knew what would happen the moment the door opened! I had to save him. I felt my throat vibrate slightly.

‘That’s it! The monster! I just had to let go!’

Felix’s hand froze on the doorknob and he turned to smile at me as I twitched.

“Impressive, Evan,” Felix said with surprise. “But, not necessary. This is what I want!”

Felix stopped himself for a moment.

“No,” he said with a slight grin. “This is what I need. Relax, there are some things that you need to see. Try not to fight it, Evan.”

“No,” I gasped quietly. “Don’t go!”

“Goodbye, Evan.”

Felix bowed his head politely towards me before he turned and opened the door. He stepped outside into the morning rays of the sun with a look of amazement on his face.

“Beautiful,” I heard him say softly.

The door closed as the old man’s body slowly turned to dust that drifted away with the wind.

I wept quietly as the visions began to once again fill my mind and take over my being!

‘Don’t fight it, Evan!’

Chapter 25