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Chapter 16



“This can’t be fucking possible,” I muttered under my breath as David and I sat in the corner booth of the small cafe. “How is it that I’m able to walk in the daylight?”

“I don’t know, Evan.” David replied with a shrug. “It’s just as new to me as it is to you. The important part is keeping this hidden from Section-9.”

“I’m pretty certain that every single person that was on that street was a witness to what happened, David.” I told him. “And I seriously doubt they’re just going to forget about a guy falling from halfway up a building and landing on a parked car. Not to mention the fact that the guy got up and walked away as if nothing happened.”

“At least Vincent limped away,” David chuckled.

I couldn’t help but groan in defeat.

“I forgot about everybody seeing him too.” I turned to look out the window and marveled at how oblivious they all were to the monsters that lurked in the shadows. “Is it true that there is a Prophecy about me and Ethan?”

David choked on the tea that he had been sipping and set the tiny cup down before he wiped his mouth.

“That depends on what you’ve heard, Evan.” The Hunter replied quietly. “There are multiple prophecies being spread throughout the world as we speak. Everybody claims that their Prophecy is the true one that nobody should ignore. The question you should be asking yourself is if you think it’s true.”

I sighed.

“So far, everything about it seems to be coming true, David.” I told him resentfully. “The car accident, Tatum’s rebirth, the newborns in Philadelphia. . . It’s all been coming true.”

“What else do you know?” David asked curiously.

“That I may have to change my brother into a vampire. . .”

“That part is true, unfortunately.” David said with a sigh. “I’ve been trying to find a way around it for a while now, but there is nothing that can be done. The Prophecy reads true on this matter, Evan. If you do not save Ethan’s life – your brother will die, and the Earth as we know it will be swallowed by darkness.”

I gasped in horror. The Prophecy seemed to get worse every time somebody told me more about it.

“There’s nothing that can be done?” I asked hopefully.

“No, Evan.” David shook his head in regret. “There are only two possible outcomes of your decision. Either the world gets to live to fight another day, or everyone that you know and love will be taken from you by a power that you can’t even begin to imagine.”

I gulped nervously as I felt my hand tremble.

“It’ll be okay, Evan.” David continued. “You have a lot of people willing to help you along your path. You will never be alone.”

I nodded to let David know that he had made me feel slightly better about the predicament, but I knew that when it came down to the actual moment of the choice – it would rest completely upon my shoulders, and my shoulders alone.”

Jon, Tatum, and Dylan were waiting for us on the northwestern side of the city, and my cousin looked overexcited to see me. He threw himself into my arms and squeezed me tightly. I could feel his body trembling as he clung onto me. Jon just shrugged when I glanced in his direction.

“I thought you had died in the light for sure,” Tatum whimpered into my chest. “Don’t ever do that again!”

“I won’t, Tatum.” I told him sincerely. “I promise.”

“Come on,” Jon said quietly. “They’re certain to have picked up our trail by now. We need to get out of here.”

Jon led us all to a nearby SUV that he had managed to rent earlier while Dylan still slept. He drove us back towards the west. We were near the exit for ‘Lulu’s Hideaway’ when David finally spoke up.

“Evan and I need to continue onto Columbus, Jon.” David told the werewolf as he pulled off the road right after the exit. “There’s something that he needs to do before he returns to the safe house.”

“Now, what do I have to do?” I asked plaintively.

“Don’t take too long, David.” Jon warned. “There’s still another that has to be taken care of.”

David nodded in acknowledgement.

“Let’s go, Dylan and Tatum.” Jon commanded the two other vampires. “We’ve got a battle to prepare for.” Jon turned to me and shook my hand firmly. “Make sure that you make the right choice, Evan. For the sake of all mankind.”

I looked at Jon grimly as I moved up to the front seat and David took the driver’s seat.

“Let’s go,” David said calmly as he put the truck into drive and pulled back onto the highway.

“What’s this all about, David?” I asked my former teacher nervously. “You’ve never really been one to hold back information before.”

“It’s a little different this time, Evan.” The Hunter replied. “Anything I tell you can directly affect the outcome of coming events.”

“You’ve lost me,” I told him.

“This is going to be one of those times that you’re going to have to make a choice, Evan.” David finally stated. “A difficult one.”

Tatum’s words from earlier suddenly came back to me.

“Promise me that you won’t hesitate. . .”

“What?” David asked in confusion.

I shook my head and chuckled.

“Something that Tatum told me earlier,” I told the man. “I think I’m figuring out what it means.”


I nodded.

“He told me not to hesitate when it comes to the next two people that I have to change into vampires,” I replied. “Tatum can see a little way into the future, David.”

“That’s. . . interesting.” David replied. “I can see where that would have its advantages.”

“He’s already managed to keep us alive after some newborns started following us,” I told the Hunter.

“Good thing you’ve got Tatum then,” David said with a snort.

“Good thing you arrived when you did, too.” I smiled at David. “You saved our lives in that building, David.”

“I also got you exposed, Evan.” David stated grimly. “That’s going to be hard enough to explain to the Alliance when I get back.”

“You’re a member of the Alliance?” I asked in surprise. “You weren’t at the last council session.”

“I’ve been on assignment, Evan.” Mr. Hunter said pointedly. “I’m not just a teacher.”

I laughed at his comment.

“I guess I’ve lived a sheltered life, Mr. Hunter.” I said with a chuckle. “It’s sort of taking me a while to get used to this new existence.”

“Evan, I’ve been around for nine centuries,” David told me. “You’re never going to get used to this existence. Trust me.”

I frowned at my former teacher’s comment. He was right. I learned something new almost every day of my new life. I would never be able to learn everything I needed to know to maintain my survival. All I could be was a pawn in someone else’s game.

I saw the signs for Columbus as the sun started to rise over the eastern horizon behind us. For a moment I felt a wave of fear wash over me as I spotted the cresting sun in the rearview mirror of the car. I remained silent and enjoyed the view until we pulled into the parking lot of a hospital.

“What’s going on, Mr. Hunter?” I asked him as he searched for a parking spot.

“We have to save somebody’s life, Evan.”


“Someone very important. . .”

Chapter 17